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Miniature African Violet

Growing Miniature African Violets

In terms of looks and care, miniature African violets are very similar to regular African violets. The different classifications of African violets from smallest to largest are miniature, semi-miniature, standard, and large. All sizes of African violets are relatively easy to grow and produce beautiful foliage and blooms. The biggest advantage to miniature African violets

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African Violet Varieties

28 African Violets Varieties | Different Types

Originally, only one variety of African violet existed when the plant was first found growing in the coastal woods of East Africa. Now that African violets have been popular houseplants for decades, it’s no surprise that many varieties have been developed over time. All African violets have beautiful, slightly fuzzy leaves and masses of colorful

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African Violet Wont Bloom

6 Reasons Your African Violet Won’t Bloom and How to Fix Them

The prolific and regular bloom of African violets is one of the many reasons houseplant enthusiasts love them. However, despite their reputation for being low-maintenance plants, there are times when even African violets won’t bloom. How to fix this issue depends on the cause of the problem, which can vary from improper care to environmental

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