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If you’re not sure exactly how to care for your African violet, or any houseplant, we’re here to help! Caring for a new houseplant can be overwhelming, especially if you see it starting to go downhill. You know you need to act quickly to save it, but many plant owners worry about the proper amounts of sunlight, water, and fertilizer.

Well, that is exactly why we created The African Violet Resource Center, to provide helpful tips for growing strong and healthy plants. If your houseplant has been getting too much water or too little water, has brown spots, looks sickly, or just isn’t growing, we can help!

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The Best Fertilizer for the African Violet

Just like every other important thing in your life, we know you love your houseplants and want to give them everything they need to grow—the right amount of sunlight and water and a fertilizer that is best suited for it.

Don’t neglect your African violet. It’s vital to give any houseplant plenty of fertilizer—the right fertilizer.

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Borrego Springs
Love this formula to help get longer blooming times from my African Violets! Highly recommended.


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