28 African Violets Varieties | Different Types
African Violet Varieties

28 African Violets Varieties | Different Types

Originally, only one variety of African violet existed when the plant was first found growing in the coastal woods of East Africa. Now that African violets have been popular houseplants for decades, it’s no surprise that many varieties have been developed over time.

All African violets have beautiful, slightly fuzzy leaves and masses of colorful flowers. It’s fun to add different varieties of African violets to your collection. Once you get one African violet, it’s not unusual to slowly (or not so slowly) begin getting more and more African violets. Here is an overview of some of the most common (or most sought-after) African violets varieties.

For the most part, different varieties don’t usually need different care, so if you know how to care for one variety of African violet, you should be fine caring for others.

African Violet Categories

African violets are divided into two main categories: trailing and rosette. Both categories have an equally appealing appearance.


Trailing African violets are less common; in fact, most people aren’t familiar with this category of African violet.

These plants have multiple crowns growing from one set of roots. Their multiple stems have leaves that grow out in a circular pattern from each stem. This results in cascading growth that gives the plant its trailing appearance.


Rosette African violets are the category of African violets most people are familiar with.

These plants have a single crown growing from one set of roots. If a rosette African violet appears to have more than one crown, then the plant can be divided into multiple individual plants each with their own root system. Each stem has clusters of leaves growing out in a circular pattern. The leaves typically tend to be closer together on rosette African violets compared to trailing African violets.

African Violet Varieties


African violet varieties can have blooms in several different colors, including blue, violet, lavender, pink, red, and white as well as similar shades. If you’re only looking for particular colors, you’ll find many options.

African Violets Varieties

With over 16,000 cultivars of African violets, there are plenty of varieties from which to choose. Some of these varieties look quite similar. Even the International Cultivar Registration Authority has difficulty keeping their list updated.

Different varieties have different leaf shapes and colors as well as different types and colors of flowers.

Here are a few of the most common varieties of African violets that houseplant enthusiasts love.

1. Aroma of Summer

As the name suggests, Aroma of Summer has a distinct, pleasant scent. While it’s impossible to name the most beautiful African violet variety, this plant’s beautiful combination of pink and white petals contrasted with dark-green foliage places it at the top of the list.

2. Cherry Princess

This beautiful variety has an abundance of blooms that are mostly fuchsia with bits of white around the edges of the petals. This bright specimen adds color and interest to any room.

3. Crimson Ice

As this name suggests, this beautiful standard variety has white blooms with large patches of crimson. The flowers stand out in contrast to its dark-green leaves.

4. Diamond Tiffany

This African violet has gorgeous ruffled blooms. The flowers are mostly yellow-white with additions of green on some outer edges.

5. First Kiss Blush

This stunning specimen has yellow centers that contrast with its soft-pink flowers tinted with bits of purple. The flowers have an appearance that resembles a watercolor painting.

6. High School Sweetheart

If you’re looking for a bold African violet, this is your variety. The blooms are a bright pink color with light-green ruffled edges. The contrast between the vibrant blooms and the dark foliage is perfect and guaranteed to catch everyone’s eyes.

7. Julia

This unique African violet variety has purple blooms that are round, almost resembling a ball, and the edges of the ruffled petals are a little darker than the center. It’s a beautiful specimen that stands out from other African violets and adds variety to any African violet collection.

8. LE Vega

Featuring red blooms with yellow centers, this variety also stands out from other African violets, displaying small petals that cluster together to create lovely, full flowers.

9. Little Maya

This semi-miniature variety features dark-burgundy blooms with frills around the edges and leaves that are medium green in color.

10. Lonestar Snowstorm

This standard variety has stunning white blooms with frills around the edges that give the flowers a lace-like appearance. The leaves are dark green in the center, but the pigment fades to beige towards the leaves’ edges. It’s a beautiful, unique African violet that would be lovely in any household.

11. Myakka Trail

A beautiful trailing African violet, this variety is semi-miniature. Its dark-blue flowers have an interesting bell shape, and the backs of the dark-green leaves have a distinct reddish color.

12. Peacock

This showy miniature variety has ruffled flowers that are mostly purple. As you look closer, you’ll notice swatches of pink mixed with the purple. This variety looks like it could be straight out of an Impressionist painting.

13. Persian Prince

It’s no surprise that this miniature African violet variety is a favorite. Persian Prince features lovely medium-blue blooms, but its foliage is what really stands out. The medium-green leaves are scalloped around the edges making the entire plant even more visually appealing.

14. RD’s Gleam

For a stand-out pink blossom, try RD’s Gleam. This variety has blooms with light-pink centers with a ring of dark pink surrounding the edge.

15. RS Vicomte

This variety blooms with a classic violet color, and the white edges of the large, puffy blooms provide a nice contrast. It has a standard African violet appearance with a twist just unique enough to make it stand out.

16. Ruffled Romance

As you can probably guess, this lovely variety has delicate pink flowers with petals that are ruffled around the edges. Its delicate flowers contrast perfectly with its medium-green foliage.

17. Shamahanskaya Queen

This variety has small blooms, but the impact makes up for the size. The blooms are bright pink/purple on the inside while the ruffled edges are white, giving the petals the appearance of being trimmed with delicate white lace.

18. Silver Romance

A variety with a beautifully delicate appearance, this African violet has pale-pink blooms with a bright-green ruffled edge.

19. Strawberry Wave

This beauty has flowers with darker-pink tints that are almost solid around the edges but fade into a lighter pink toward the center of the bloom. It almost looks like the edges were dipped in paint that faded as it got closer to the center.

20. Summer Twilight

An eye-catching specimen, this variety has classic purple petals with white ruffled edges. The flowers are large, which would be eye-catching enough by itself, but the leaves are also variaged. Leaves are dark green in the center turning to light green and beige moving outward to the edges.

21. Valeska Viol

This African violet variety has flowers that are actually mostly violet with some areas of white on the petals.

22. World to Your Home

This variety, which boasts lovely white flowers, has more petals in each bloom than most African violets.

23. Zephyr

This romantic variety, with delicate pink and white blooms with a watercolor-like appearance (the pink begins in the center and bleeds beautifully into the white), looks lovely on display.

Rare African Violets

Some unique African violets are harder to find than others. These varieties aren’t any more difficult to care for than less rare varieties, but they have distinct features.

24. Dean’s Aquarius

This eye-catching semi-miniature variety has light-blue flowers with a darker-blue eye, and variegated leaves in lovely shades of green, white, and pink.

25. Humako No Name

A stunning variety, this African violet has flowers that are mostly white with a blue middle, coloring which gives each flower a purple star in the center.

26. IAN Minuet

This showstopper is a standard variety featuring large pink flowers with wavy red edges. The African violet produces an abundance of blooms with medium-green foliage. This variety is so sought-after because it produces beautiful blooms so readily.

27. SK Apple Orchard

This semi-miniature variety has small white flowers with rose-pink edges on its petals. Even though the flowers are small, it’s a heavy bloomer, and you’ll enjoy almost continuous blooms with medium-apple-green foliage.

28. Zivay (Morev)

A lovely miniature variety, this African violet has an abundance of pink frilly blooms. The leaves are variegated with a dark-green center that transitions to white around the edges.

African Violet Varieties Final Thoughts

Since African violets were first introduced into the horticultural world in 1892, the plant’s easy nature and resulting popularity has encouraged houseplant lovers to cultivate new hybrids. From among the thousands of varieties available, you’re sure to find more than a few that catch your eye.

Most African plant lovers begin by purchasing a few locally available plants before moving to ordering African violets online. The options for buying potted plants or leaf cuttings are nearly endless, making it a breeze to buy varieties that interest you.

In fact, it’s easy to keep adding more African violets to your collection as you discover more and more beautiful varieties. If you find yourself in this situation, know that you are far from alone.

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