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Houseplant Scissors and Pruning Shears

Premium Houseplant Scissors and Pruning Shears – Comfortable Grip Garden and Plant Clippers, Trimmers, Loppers, Flower Cutters, Made from 100% Stainless Steel

  • READY TO PRUNE, SHAPE, AND PROPAGATE YOUR HOUSEPLANTS? The original Houseplant Resource Center shears provide a clean, sterile cut that is essential to proper pruning or propagation.
  • RAZOR-SHARP FOR THE MOST PRECISE CUTS AND MINIMUM DAMAGE TO YOUR PLANT. Make crisp, clean cuts for better plant recovery and higher success when rooting your cuttings.
  • HANDMADE WITH HIGH-QUALITY MATERIALS. Beautifully designed shears are made with rust-resistant, heat-treated stainless steel 2.75” blades. Re-sharpenable to last a lifetime!
  • INCLUDES FREE HOUSEPLANT CARE WEBINAR AND E-BOOK with your purchase that will help you grow and maintain happy, healthy houseplants in your home and troubleshoot any problems you may be having.
  • DESIGNED FOR ULTIMATE COMFORT. Our scissors are designed with an ambidextrous grip and a wide comfortable handle. Perfect for frequent use on your entire collection!

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