African Violet Colors: Perfect Pairings for Every Vibe
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African Violet Colors: Perfect Pairings for Every Vibe

One reason for African violets’ enduring popularity is the dazzling array of colors in which they grow. From blush pink to bright purple, midnight blue to sunshine yellow, and nearly every color in between, there’s no shortage of shades to choose from. From mixing and matching color combinations to picking the perfect placement, getting started can be a little overwhelming. This guide to African violet colors takes you on a trip through the full rainbow of possibilities. Let’s dive in!

Purple African Violets

There’s a reason traditional African violets bring to mind high tea with Queen Elizabeth. Purple symbolizes royal energy, customs, and prosperity. Place purple African violets in your home office, study, or anywhere you want to let your inner leader shine.

  • Pleasant pairing: African violets grow in a range of purple tones, so group flowers of various shades together for a classic yet eye-catching combination.
  • Jazz it up: Give tradition a modern twist by clustering purple, light green, and white African violet colors together. Houseplant pro-tip: White varieties with green-tinted tips give this color combo even more attitude.

Lavender African Violets

A softer shade of purple, lavender African violets bring an airy, youthful feel to your home. Often associated with spring, lavender flowers symbolize new beginnings, inspiration, and optimism. Consider placing them in an art studio, kitchen, or writing nook—anywhere you like feeling inspired!

  • Pleasant pairing: To keep things gentle, place lavender and white African violet colors together. White and lavender pinwheel varieties can also add a pleasing touch.
  • Jazz it up: Pairing lavender African violets with pinkish-coral blooms can bring a vibrant, upbeat energy to any room.

Green African Violets

Cha-ching! Green African violets symbolize renewal, good fortune, and good health. Place them anywhere you want to draw in the abundance—perhaps a home office or entryway, or within eyesight of the places in which you practice self-care.

  • Pleasant pairing: Cluster light green and rose-colored African violets together to bring a sense of soothing optimism to any space.
  • Jazz it up: Shake things up a bit by pairing green African violets with their cousins across the color wheel: magentas, purples, and deep fuschias make eye-catching counterparts.

Yellow African Violets

Yellow African violets symbolize joy and success (and not just because botanists used to think it was impossible to breed this variety!). The lightest hue on the color spectrum, these uncommon blooms can’t help but uplift the energy in a space.

  • Pleasant pairing: In the true spirit of joy, yellow African violets complement nearly every other hue. Whites, oranges, greens, and pinks all feel a little brighter beside these sunny companions.
  • Jazz it up: Shake up the basics with primary tones. Red, blue, and yellow African violets are all slightly darker than on the color wheel, creating a unique yet sophisticated effect.

Red African Violets

The deep ruby tones of red African violets symbolize love, romance, passion, and commitment. Place them on your nightstand, near your closet mirror, or anywhere you want to feel your fierce and fiery heart.

  • Pleasant pairing: All shades of red spell romance. Pair with soft pinks, whites, and bright and deep reds for V-day vibes every day.
  • Jazz it up: Since most red African violet colors are darker-hued, pair with deep purples or shades of dark magenta for a spark of spooky sensuality.

Pink African Violets

Can African violets be pink? You betcha! Pink African violet colors range from soft and muted to loud and proud. In general, they symbolize gentleness, happiness, and love (the only thing that changes is the decibel). Place these friendly flowers in common spaces to make your guests feel warm and welcome.

  • Pleasant pairing: Pair pink flowers with purple pals of the same intensity for a fun and upbeat energy.
  • Jazz it up: Muted pink African violets and pale green varieties serve up a look that is anything but tea time.

Coral African Violets

Coral-toned African violets blend the femininity of pink with the optimism of orange. Symbolizing the vibrant life and community-oriented nature of their underwater namesake, place them anywhere you host company for conversations that flow like the waves.

  • Pleasant pairing: A cluster of warm pinks can’t help but delight the eye. Combine coral, peach, and dusty rose African violet colors to bring a feminine warmth to cool spaces.
  • Jazz it up: Coral-colored African violets can appear nearly orange at times, so pairing these plants with sunshine-colored companions is a great way to keep things cheery.

White African Violets

Contrasted against their dark-green foliage, white African violets are some of the most eye-catching varieties. Depending on the bloom, these flowers can be bold and brilliant, or gentle and demure. Regardless of their attitude, they make excellent statement centerpieces or entryway ensembles.

  • Pleasant pairing: While white complements nearly every African violet color, we think an all-white collection is the most pleasant pairing of all.
  • Jazz it up: Deep red, light green, and white African violet colors make a stunning combination sure to stop you in your tracks.

We want to hear about YOUR favorite African violet color pairings and placements! Tell us how you bring the good vibes home in the comments below!

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