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8 Tricks to Get Your African Violet to Bloom Again

Popular for its vibrant colors and delicate appearance, the African violet is a beautiful houseplant that can brighten up any room. But there’s nothing more frustrating than seeing your African violet stop blooming, especially after you’ve put so much effort into caring for it. If this is the case for you, don’t worry! With these 8 tricks, you can get your African violet to bloom again and enjoy its stunning flowers all year long.

Will African Violet Flowers Grow Back?

Growing a healthy African violet that will always bloom again is possible!

Yes! Unlike other plants, African violets can regenerate their blooms frequently with proper care and attention. This means that even if your plant stops blooming, it can still produce new flowers with the right growing techniques.

The trick is understanding what’s causing your African violet to stop blooming – and taking the necessary steps to fix it. While some issues are easy to solve, others may require more patience and experimentation to get your African Violet to bloom again. 

Why Has My African Violet Stopped Blooming?

Three African violet plants on an indoor gardening table near a windowsill with no blooms or flowers.
African violets will not bloom again if they are stressed, lack essential nutrients, or don’t receive proper care.

Many factors could stop your African Violet houseplant from blooming, and it’s essential to identify the root cause before trying any solutions: 

  • Inadequate lighting – Indicated by small leaves and no flowers
  • Over or under watering – Indicated by yellowing leaves, wilting, and no flowers
  • Nutrient deficiency – Indicated by faded leaves and minimal to no flowering 
  • Improper temperature – African violets prefer a stable temperature between 70-75°F (21-24°C) during the day and slightly cooler at night. Fluctuations in temperature can cause the plant to stop blooming. 
  • Wrong pot size or soil – African violets need well-draining soil and can become root-bound if the pot is too small, affecting their ability to bloom. 
  • Pests or diseases – These can weaken the plant and prevent it from flowering.
  • Lack of humidity – African violets thrive in a humid environment and may stop blooming if the air is too dry. 
  • Improper soil pH – African violets prefer slightly acidic soil with a pH range of 5.8-6.2. If the soil is too alkaline or acidic, it can affect the plant’s ability to bloom.
  • Insufficient fertilizer – African violets need regular fertilizing to bloom, and a lack of essential growing compounds can lead to flowerless houseplants.

Whether it’s one factor or a combination of these issues, properly identifying and addressing the root cause is essential to get an African violet to bloom again. 

8 Ways to Get Your African Violet to Bloom Again

1. Let There Be Light

White and blue flowers on African violet houseplant show it will bloom again with bright, indirect sunlight.
Bright, indirect sunlight is the secret to helping your African violet bloom again.

It’s no secret that African violets love light – 16 hours a day of it, to be exact. But, placing your plant right in direct sunlight will lead to burned leaves and no flowers. Instead, give your African violet bright but indirect light for most of the day. In the summer, a north-facing window is ideal, and in winter, an east or west-facing window will do. If natural light is limited, consider using a grow light to supplement.

2. Turn Up the Humidity

African violets thrive in humidity levels averaging 80%. If you live in a dry climate, a lack of humidity could be causing your plant to stop blooming. To increase humidity around your African violet, try grouping your plants together, using a humidifier in the room, or placing your pot on a tray filled with pebbles and water. Within a few weeks, you should see a difference in your plant’s blooming capability.

3. Replenish Essential Nutrients

8fl oz bottle of plant food next to houseplant in a blue pot on a shelf designed to help African violet bloom again.
Plant food is perfectly formulated to get your African violet to bloom again and again!

Just like you, your plant needs food to function. The best way to get those essential nutrients into the soil is with a premium African violet plant food. Designed with the right balance of nutrients, these fertilizers help stimulate root growth and nourish your plant’s foliage, resulting in bigger and more frequent blooms.

4. Maintain Comfortable Temperatures

Giant wooden thermometer in large houseplant showing optimal display for helping African violet bloom again.
Optimal temperature control is vital to helping the African violet bloom again.

African violets thrive around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Too hot and your plant will wilt; too cold and it will stop blooming. Often, the reason for temperature fluctuations is less about the environment you live in but the drafts, air conditioning, or heating vents an African violet is kept near. Try moving your plant away from these sources to maintain stable temperatures and get your African violet to bloom again.

5. Choose the Right Soil

Different varieties of African violet plants bloom again after being repotted in premium indoor soil on a white table.
Use specialty African violet potting soil to ensure your plants bloom again without fail!

Your African violet will struggle in the wrong soil conditions. Ideally, your soil should be loose, well-draining, and slightly acidic. To help improve the drainage of your plant’s soil, mix in perlite, vermiculite, or smart gravel before potting. If you don’t feel like making your own African violet potting mix, consider purchasing premium indoor soil containing the right balance of ingredients that will get your African violet to bloom again.

Check out our guide to African violet potting mix to learn how to select or mix a soil that’s just right.

6. Protect From Pests & Disease

Insert pic of pests and disease that African violet plants can get

From crowning and root rot to pests like thrips and aphids, your African violet can be susceptible to a variety of ailments that interfere with its ability to bloom again. The best way to prevent these issues is with regular care using protective Leaf Armor and Leaf Shine Wipes. These help your plant stay clean and free of pests while promoting healthy foliage growth. 

If crown or root rot interferes with your houseplant’s ability to bloom again, you must cut away infected strands with sharp pruning shears and treat the plant with a premium root supplement.

7. Constrict the Roots

 Rootbound African violet houseplant with purple flowers and healthy leaves against a white background.
African violets love being rootbound. Is your pot sufficient to help them bloom again?

Some plants love a lot of space in their pot, but that fact may make it hard for your African violet to bloom again. These houseplants love to be root-bound, which means their roots should be snug in their pot. When choosing a new pot, consider one that is breathable yet shallow, offering a few inches of space around the edges for root growth.

8. Crowded Top Growth

Stock photo of houseplant purple flowers and green leaves with crowded top growth, making it hard for African violets to bloom again.
Crowded growth makes it hard for an African violet to bloom again and causes significant health issues.

African violets have a habit of growing haphazardly. You might notice extra crowns, suckers, or random leaf clusters shooting off from the main plant. These satellite growths take up energy your plant could use to bloom and should be trimmed with sharp pruning shears.

Houseplant Pro Tip:Trimmed leaves can be rooted into new plants. Check out our guide to African violet propagation to learn how!

Best Products To Get Your African Violet To Bloom Again

Knowing the best techniques to get your African violet to bloom again is half the battle. The other half is having access to premium products that will help your plant thrive. Here are some of my favorite houseplant accessories for indoor plant gardeners.

Moisture Meter

Two-pronged house plant moisture meter in and out of packaging against a white background to help plants bloom again.
Keep soil moisture perfectly balanced so your African violet plants will always bloom again.

A moisture meter is ideal for maintaining regular watering routines and ensuring optimal soil and plant health. 

Houseplant Multivitamin

8 oz houseplant multivitamin from the Houseplant Resource Center helps African violet plants bloom again.
Give your plant the vitamins it needs to bloom again!

Give your African violet all the essential nutrients it needs to bloom again with a multivitamin designed explicitly for houseplants. This is an excellent way to fill any gaps in its nutritional requirements and encourage larger, more frequent blooms.

Houseplant Probiotic

4 oz resealable tub of houseplant probiotic powder on a white background to an African violet to bloom again.
Supercharge your African violet’s immune system so it has the energy and strength to bloom again.

Reduce the risk of pests and diseases with a houseplant probiotic designed to build your plant’s natural defense system. Also, it helps promote healthy root growth and blooming.

African Violet Care Bundle

Indoor gardener combo pack of African violet plant food and moisture meter that get an African violet to bloom again.
Get your African violet to bloom again with the perfect combo pack for indoor gardeners.

The AV care bundle contains a moisture meter and specialized African violet plant food, perfect for nourishing and monitoring plant health. Together, these products will help ensure your plant receives the right balance of nutrients and moisture for optimal blooming cycles year-round.

Make Your African Violet Bloom Again

There are many ways to get your African violet to bloom again. The key will be understanding your plant’s needs and how to give it the ideal growing conditions. With proper care, you can enjoy beautiful blooms on your African violet all year round! So don’t give up on your plant just yet – follow these tips and watch as it flourishes and rewards you with stunning flowers year-round. Happy growing!

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