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Dive into fascinating African violet facts. Explore care tips, propagation, and more. Your go-to resource for thriving violets.

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Will African Violets Grow Outside?

Unpacking the Plant World’s Most Controversial Question African violets are known for their vibrant foliage, making them one of the world’s most popular indoor plants. But this might have you wondering, “Why keep those beautiful blooms out of sight?” Like many gardeners, you probably want to show these gorgeous plants off outdoors. This raises the

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7 Little-Known Facts About African Violet Flowers

Everything You Didn’t Know About Everyone’s Favorite Houseplant With dazzling, year-round blooms, African violet flowers make lovely countertop conversation pieces. Next time your guests take note of your cheerful companions, get them hooked on houseplants with these fun trivia tidbits. 1. They’re not really violets—Shhh! That’s right, our purple pal is actually a proud imposter.

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